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Elisa’s wine cellar

With Elisa joining the operational team at Hotel Frangart, she has brought her greatest passion: wine. Having turned her passion into her profession, she now introduces the allure of this noble beverage to guests through wine tastings in our very own wine cellar.


The wine cellar


The wine cellar is one of Hotel Frangart's newer features, yet Elisa has already amassed an impressive collection of labels from around the world. Having completed multiple training courses, she now guides guests through the world of wine—sparkling, white, rosé, and red—sharing this wonderful beverage's many delights.


The wine tastings


How does Elisa do this? Through wine tastings, where every bottle has its own unique story to tell—a story best appreciated by the trained eye, nose, and palate—this is where Elisa truly shines. She teaches guests the art of "proper" wine tasting and shares specific details and general knowledge about the wines.


Elisa's wine cellar

Where wine tells its stories

Whether during a tasting session or a relaxed gathering, let the tales each bottle holds captivate you in Elisa's wine cellar. Indulge your eyes, nose, and palate as you explore the rich narratives encapsulated within each vintage.