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The hosts
Traditional hospitality with a fresh twist

Our hotel has been extending a warm welcome to visitors from around the globe for over 55 years. While the external facade has seen changes over this half-century, the essence of the Spitaler family has consistently remained the same, enduring through three generations.

Grandma Maria and Grandpa Seppl set the groundwork, which Veronika and Werner carried forward with charm. Now, Elisa and Greta are bringing a vibrant, youthful flair to Hotel Frangart without losing sight of the traditional values of South Tyrolean hospitality instilled by their parents and grandparents.


The wine enthusiast


Are you a wine lover intrigued by the stories a bottle can tell beyond its label? If so, Elisa will be delighted to introduce you to each label in our wine cellar. In an atmospherically designed setting, this wine enthusiast shares the tales each glass can reveal to your eyes, nose, and palate.


The bartender


Relax by the pool, bask in the sun, and take in the stunning South Tyrol panorama—all while sipping on a refreshing cocktail. Or perhaps a smooth long drink after dinner? Greta's your go-to. Our talented bartender mixes, shakes, and stirs behind the cocktail bar, crafting summer-inspired delights served on ice just for you.

Taste it

Werner & Veronika
The innkeepers


Familiar faces to our regulars and a delightful discovery for first-time visitors: Werner and Veronika, make everyone feel warmly welcomed and thoroughly looked after. Veronika excels in providing invaluable hiking advice and detailed knowledge of the available public transport options. She’s the go-to for all your travel queries. Werner tends to the lush gardens of our floral abode and is known for his sense of humor, often lightening the mood with a playful joke or two.


We can’t wait

Holiday with a broad smile

We're excited to take you under our wing during your holiday—rumored to be the most important time of the year. Exquisite wines, fresh cocktails, delicious food, South Tyrolean hospitality, and, of course, four broad smiles await you at Hotel Frangart. Join us for a family-like atmosphere with special touches that make your stay truly memorable.