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Hotel Frangart
A home full of flowers

Located in the idyllic region of South Tyrol in Oltradige, Appiano, Hotel Frangart is a charming, family-run gem nestled in one of the world's most beautiful corners. Meet Werner, Veronika, Elisa, and Greta, who eagerly await your visit. Whether you're into cycling, golf, hiking, or swimming, there's something here for everyone.


Indulge in simple pleasures

Savour life's little joys at our home full of flowers. Lounge on our expansive lawn with a refreshing pool, or find a shady spot under our vines or in the sunroom. Grab one of Greta's cocktails and settle in for some cozy relaxation.


…the good life

With 23 uniquely charming rooms, whether you choose a standard, deluxe, or suite, each type offers exclusive amenities, ensuring a delightful stay within Hotel Frangart's walls.


Breakfast & dinner
Traditionally modern

We are passionate about fresh, locally sourced ingredients and the flavors of South Tyrolean and exotic cuisines. Start your day with a breakfast of regional products, homemade jams, and fresh produce. End it with a dinner blending South Tyrolean recipes with Italian specialties and a global flair.


Discover South Tyrol

Are you craving some adventure or prefer a cultural stroll? The choice is yours—stretch your legs with a hike, explore nature on two wheels, or use public transport to visit the architectural and historical treasures of South Tyrol.


Hotel Frangart in South Tyrol, Italy

Kissed by the sun

At Hotel Frangart, countless flowers bloom in competition, bathed in the warmth of this sun-soaked haven. Our home is woven into this tapestry of hues, featuring a sprawling lawn and inviting pool—a place you can call your own while on vacation. The Spitaler family eagerly awaits to make your South Tyrol experience genuinely extraordinary.




Our rooms and suites are ready and waiting for you to make them your own. Equipped with every conceivable amenity, they serve as your private sanctuary during your holiday. Retreat, get comfortable, or savour the breathtaking views from our balconies and terraces.




Indulge in modern cuisine, homemade delicacies, international wines, and refreshing cocktails. Naturally, all served in the perfect setting with a vast garden, a solar-heated pool, a tennis court, a bocce lane, table tennis, and so much more. Come and enjoy it firsthand.




Nestled in a unique climate oasis, Appiano and South Tyrol offer ideal spring, summer, and autumn conditions for enjoying the great outdoors. Explore this region's diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, whether cycling, walking, or hopping on public transport. Experience every facet of South Tyrol's enchanting charm.

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The specials

Last-minute deals & all-inclusive joy

Sometimes, a room unexpectedly becomes available, or the season offers so much that we can craft a package around a unique experience. Either way, we don't want you to miss out on special deals or pampering packages that bring you to Hotel Frangart. Discover the surprises we've prepared for you.

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