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South Tyrol on two legs (or wheels)

South Tyrol's landscape is unmatched worldwide. Whether you want to explore the immediate vicinity of Appiano, the broader Oltradige area, or venture into nearby mountain ranges like the Dolomites, countless opportunities await you to discover this magnificent region on foot or by bike. Each step or pedal stroke offers a new way to experience the beauty of this land.




Whether you're a fan of leisurely walks, hiking, or mountain climbing, South Tyrol's diverse landscapes cater to all preferences. Our region is perfect for those who enjoy peaceful walks, such as through the Monticolo forest or around the lakes in the recreational areas of Monticolo and Caldaro. For more avid hikers, Veronika's advice can inspire you to explore some of the most beautiful trails in South Tyrol.




In the warmer months, cyclists swarm the landscape like bees, and for good reason. The entire country is crisscrossed with bike paths that allow you to explore every corner of the region on your bicycle, whether you prefer road biking or mountain biking. Appiano and the entire South Tyrol area are a cyclist's paradise, offering a mix of forest trails and road sections to your destination. If you bring your bike, you can securely store it in our lockable cellar equipped with e-bike charging stations. If not, you can easily rent one through our partnership with Eppan Bike.


Hike tip 01

For beginners

Enjoy a delightful mountain hike from S. Pancrazio to the ancient St. Helena Chapel

The veneration of Saint Helena often points to an ancient church site. Indeed, it's true for the quaint St. Helena Chapel above S. Pancrazio in the Val d'Ultimo: The first recorded mention dates back to 1338, but its history likely stretches even further back. Nestled on a gently elevated, wooded hill on the edge of Mariolberg, the chapel is a serene sanctuary. The surrounding farms have long been cared for by local priests from St. Helena, who also served as teachers occasionally. The climb from S. Pancrazio meanders up the gently sloping hillside. As you ascend, the trail offers numerous stunning viewpoints and passes by charming farms, while the upper stretches often wind through dense forest. The usually shaded path makes this route a great choice, even on warm summer days. Conveniently, the nearby Helener Pichl mountain inn provides a refreshing stop before you head back to St. Pankraz.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 9.7 km
  • Duration: 4:00 hours
  • Ascent: 802 m
  • Descent: 802 m
  • Highest point: 1,531 m above sea level
  • Lowest point: 729 m above sea level

Hike tip 02

For pros

Explore the high trail from Latemar to Catinaccio

The High Trail from Latemar to Catinaccio is a stunning Dolomite hike, offering breathtaking views and dramatic landscapes. This route skirts the mountain ridges, allowing hikers to experience the majestic beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Suitable for seasoned mountain hikers, some steep sections demand good physical condition. It's wise to check the weather conditions and carry proper equipment, as the mountain environment can change rapidly. More than just a physical challenge, this trail is also an opportunity to explore the Dolomites' unique geology and natural history of the Dolomites. From the High Trail, hikers can often gaze upon the iconic rock formations and peaks of the Latemar and Catinaccio massifs, which are especially spectacular at sunrise or sunset.

  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Distance: 25.8 km
  • Duration: 6:30 hours
  • Ascent: 657 m
  • Descent: 574 m
  • Highest point: 2,325 m above sea level
  • Lowest point: 1,180 m above sea level

Hike tip 03

For families

Discover the Dinosaur Trail at GEOPARC Bletterbach

The newly created Dinosaur Trail offers a short circular walk that takes visitors on a journey back 260 million years. Families with children, seniors, casual strollers, and hikers can immerse themselves in the history of the Bletterbach area in any weather. Along the trail, you can discover the tracks of large and small dinosaurs and encounter horsetails and ferns that thrived here millions of years ago. Visitors have a unique opportunity to experience how scientists work and the insights they gain for addressing today's challenges.
The trail starts at the large visitor center parking lot, winding through a brief loop to Lahneralm and back to the parking area. The Dinosaur Trail is consistently wide and gravel-paved, making it accessible with wheelchairs (with assistance) and strollers. The interactive stations along the route invite discovery and understanding, encouraging both young and old to embark on an adventure that culminates at a thematic playground on the meadow next to Lahneralm. It's a fantastic experience for the entire family!

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 1.2 km
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Elevation Gain: 34 meters
  • Highest Point: 1,585 meters above sea level
  • Lowest Point: 1,550 meters above sea level

Bike tip 01

Monticolo Forest Trail

The Monticolo Forest is renowned for its maze of single trails. This tour runs north to south, from Frangarto to Gmund by Lake Caldaro. Where possible, we stick to trails, steering clear of roads. A haven for lovers of single trails and technical routes!
The return is made along a bike path, but a single trail option will soon be available.
This tour traverses the best single trails across the Monticolo Forest, sticking as much as possible to narrow paths and steep climbs, thus presenting moderate difficulty. Although the highest point in the Monticolo Forest is only 650 meters, the constant ups and downs accumulate nearly 1,000 meters of elevation. It's a must for the technical biker who relishes steep climbs and descents and prefers to avoid forest roads.
Despite its technical demands, the enjoyment and panoramas are not compromised. You can stop for refreshments and a swim at the three lakes of Monticolo and Caldaro, and the route consistently offers fantastic viewpoints.

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 38.4 km
  • Duration: 5 hours 7 minutes
  • Ascent: 1,230 meters
  • Descent: 1,230 meters
  • Highest Point: 650 meters above sea level
  • Lowest Point: 214 meters above sea level

Bike tip 02

South Wine Cycling Route

The South Wine Route starts in the center of the historic wine village of Cortaccia and passes the "Original Vine," grafted in 1601 in Magrè as a vine cutting. From there, the journey continues to Cortina sulla Strada del Vino, locally nicknamed "Little Venice" due to its frequent flooding, and then to Salorno, the southernmost municipality of the region with the largest continuous white wine area. The route then loops back through Egna, one of the prettiest town centers in Italy, where the finest Pinot Noir vineyards stretch up to Montagna. It passes the mystical energy site of Castelfeder, moves through Ora, home of the Lagrein grape, and tackles the challenging Varco Kreit. Near the end of the tour, the route skirts Lake Caldaro, known as the warmest bathing lake in the Alps, before concluding in Termeno. This village lends its name to the indigenous Gewürztraminer, cultivated to the highest quality.

Stopping to sample and savor is a must on this tour.

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance: 46.9 km
  • Duration: 3 hours 44 minutes
  • Ascent: 451 meters
  • Descent: 451 meters
  • Highest Point: 650 meters above sea level
  • Lowest Point: 214 meters above sea level

Hike & bike

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