The joys of walking!

An orchestra of birdsong as your boots stride across the forest floor, sunbeams streaming through the canopy overhead; walking where the path takes you.

Walking adventures.

A walking tour around Frangart, discovering the Überetsch region, or climbing the peaks of Bolzano & environs. Through mixed woodland, over Alpine meadows, along the riverbanks. There is something for everyone: long-distance hikers, walks with the family, gentle strolls and tours of the landscape.

Over hill and dale.

The Eppan High Trail rewards the physical effort required with its panoramic mountain views, while the Castles Walk takes you on a journey into the past to walls that are shrouded in legend – a top tip, as the area around Eppan boasts the most palaces and castles in the land! A walk to a swimming spot is also possible, either to the Montiggl Lakes or via the “Spring Valley” to Lake Kaltern. There are also walks through the sea of apple orchards in which the Hotel Frangart nestles, not to mention the Mendel Range above Kaltern, the Regglberg with its pastures and huts to the south or the Sarn Valley further north. So pack your rucksack, get your boots on and off you go!

Walking facts:

  • Hiking maps and route tips from your hosts
  • Walking season in Bolzano & environs from February to November
  • 17,000 km of hiking paths and forest trails throughout South Tyrol
  • A total of 183 Alpine huts throughout the land
  • 80 fixed-rope routes (via ferrata) in Bolzano & environs

Enjoy biking at Eppan

On your bike!

Saddle up and let’s go! The wind gently whistles in your hair as you pass apple orchards and vineyards. Enjoy easy cycling tours, mountain bike trails or road biking: welcome to the Überetsch region!

Wheel fun

Over hill and dale, through forests and valleys – feel the adrenalin rush in the mountains in and around Bolzano & environs! Those who prefer hairpin bends to mountains can pit themselves against the South Tyrol’s mountain passes – especially the Mendel Pass above Kaltern! There are also numerous easier cycle paths along the Etsch, Eisack and Rienz rivers, not to mention through the orchards – and the village of Frangart lies right on a cycle trail with access to (almost) every corner of South Tyrol - and beyond.

A visit on two wheels

Eppan, Kaltern, Tramin and especially the provincial capital of Bozen are very easy to reach and explore. There are also cycle paths leading to the spa town of Meran, the cathedral city of Brixen and the artistic community of Klausen.

Cycling facts:

  • Cycling maps and touring hints from your hosts
  • In-house bike storage cellar and bike hire
  • Cycling season in Bolzano & environs from February to November
  • 600 km of cycle paths throughout South Tyrol
  • The Hotel Frangart lies right on the Überetsch cycle trail

Enjoy the golf courses

A paradise for golfers!

Precision, concentration, grip and swing!

Golfers will enjoy the challenge of shimmering fairways, thickets, water hazards and greens.

The greens of Eppan.

Golf enthusiasts are well catered for at the Hotel Frangart, as there are several golf courses nearby. The “Blue Monster” in Eppan offers 10,000 m2 of greens and fairways. Beginners and experts alike can also test and improve their skills at the driving range at Freudenstein Castle above Eppan.

The greens of the surrounding area.

In Lana, around 20 minutes by car from the Hotel Frangart, is another golf club with nine holes, while one of South Tyrol’s oldest golf courses can be found up on the Karer Pass: the “Mountain Beast” is a 45-hectare course located against the backdrop of the Rosengarten and Latemar ranges in the Dolomites.

Nature and culture just pure enjoyment

Culture for all.

Alongside unwinding, feeling free and being at ease, holidays can also offer learning experiences. In South Tyrol it is very easy to experience and appreciate both culture and long-established traditions.

Traces of the past.

The area around Frangart, in particular the municipality of Eppan, is home to over 80 castles and palaces – over 80 monuments that make the (hi)story of the land clearly visible and indeed palpable, over 80 different ways to travel back in time.

The Messner Mountain Museum Firmian represents another world, that of the mountains. It is located in one of South Tyrol’s oldest and historically most significant castles, Sigmundskron; while the Ötzi Museum in Bozen tells visitors the story of the original South Tyrolean, the famous Man from the Ice.

Living traditions, legendary sites and places of cultural strength, castles and palaces as stone witnesses to the past: the roots of South Tyrol are not hidden away – on the contrary, they are all around you.

Culture facts:

  • 800 castles and palaces throughout South Tyrol
  • A total of 115 museums
  • 91 wineries in Bolzano & environs
  • Unspoilt valleys, historic towns and villages
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